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Classic oils and additives

Bardahl since 1939

Bardahl has a long history. The brand was founded in 1939 in Seattle USA, where Ole Bardahl began the production of oil additives. Over the years, Bardahl increased its global presencBardahl Classic oils and additivese and is now available in more than 100 countries. The range these days consists of additives, lubricants, car care products and a full range of industrial lubricants. The goal of the company then and still is to develop the best quality lubricants better than currently available.


The engines and lubricants cannot be compared to those of today. Bardahl therefore began the Classic line.

In old engines before 1950, modern motor oils should not be used you therefor need to use real classic oils. During the combustion process combustion residues are created. Cars of that time usually have no oil filter, that removes solid particles which are suspended in the motor oil.

Modern motor oil contains higher amounts of detergent which can disolve dirt particles and keep them in suspension. If these lubricants are used in classic cars dirt particles will be continuously pumped through the oil circuit and cause extra friction and corrosion.

Bardahl Classic, is a product-line of engine oils and gear oils, especially developed taking into account the technology of that time.  In addition there is a line additives and maintenance products to keep your Classic car or Young Timer in top condition.


See the entire productrange for classic cars and young timers.


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