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Automotive lubricants: a full range

It was in 1939 that Ole Bardahl started the Bardahl Manufacturing Company in Seattle, Washington USA. He had an idea that shifted the limits of engine performance. He came to the conclusion that the molecular construction of motor oils could be modified with an additive, which would make it cling to moving parts.

Common Rail Diesel Injector Cleaner51351-Bardahl_XTC_LSP-5W30-LongLifeIII_1ltrBardahl Cockpit Spray

This is the beginning of Bardahl additives. Bardahl oils and additives still have the unique ‘Polar Attraction Formula’. This formula allows for the adhesion to metal surfaces. This means that an engine can work more efficiently and with less wear, friction and maintenance. The lubricant film was also in a position handle higher temperatures and pressures.

Bardahl automotive lubricants are developed in order to operate under the harshest conditions where other products do not do this anymore.  We are convinced that, if our products are used satisfactorily in racing where our oils and additives are exposed to extremely conditions, they are certainly suitable for use in normal traffic.

Bardahl offers an extensive range of automotive products; additives, oils, cleaning products and coolants.


See the entire productrange for automotive; additives, oils,car care products and coolants.


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